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auriel began at the beginning.
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^ Sorry, a couple of us (or maybe mostly me...) kinda derailed the thread a bit. I kinda assumed the awards were the same on every device when I started posting in here.

I can start an iOS list, I have these awards (most of which are the same as KT awards):

Welcome To Reading Life Start using Reading Life
BookLover Sign into Kobo on the device (I think?)
Facebook Connect the Kobo app to your Facebook profile
I <3 My Library Add a couple books to your library
Once Upon A Time Start reading a book
Not An Open Book Finish a book
Pressed For Details Do a long press on a book to see the overview
Scout Leader Earn 10 awards
Highly Decorated Earn 20 awards
Deep Thinker Make a note in a book (I think the note requires a minimum number of characters)
Inverted Comma Highlight a passage
Night Rider Read at night
Word Up Look up 10 words using the built in dictionary
Papillon Make 10 shares to Facebook
Total Recall Read a book twice
Free Loader Add 10 free ebooks to your library
Afternoon Rush Hour Read 5 times between 4pm - 6pm
Happy Hour Read 5 times between 6pm - 8pm
Primetime Read 5 times between 8pm - 10pm
Better In Bed Read 5 times between 10pm - 12am
Witching Hour Read 5 times between 12am - 1am
Sleeping In Read 5 times between 9am - 12pm
I Eat Books For Lunch Read 5 times between 12pm - 2pm
Playing Hooky Read 5 times between 2pm - 4pm
Off The Wall Share your current book to Facebook from the overview (5 times)
Quoth The Maven Highlight a quote and share it to Facebook as a status update (5 times)
All You Can Eat Add 40+ books to your library
Fully Loaded Add a PDF document to your library
Magic Kobo eReader Find the Magic eReader Easter Egg
LOLZ/I Can Haz Ebuk? Make a note that includes LOL in it
Just The Highlights Make 20 highlights
Blinged Out Earn 50 awards
Fangtasia Related to the "Sookie Stackhouse" series, I think...I don't know what I did to get this one

There's also Lost In Austen (read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility) and Classic Attack (Read all 5 classics that were preloaded to your library) that are greyed out, I don't have any progress toward those yet.

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