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Calibre ASIN support in ".mobi" output

I was trying to get cross-device sync to work with the epubs that I bought from B&N and converted to .mobi.

It was not working with the UUID that is generated/created by default.

So, I modified "calibre/src/calibre/ebooks/mobi/writer2/"

I modified the ASIN set block to look like this:
        # Write UUID as ASIN
        uuid = None
        from calibre.ebooks.oeb.base import OPF
        for x in oeb.metadata['identifier']:
            if x.get(OPF('scheme'), None).lower() == 'asin' or unicode(x).startswith('urn:asin:'):
                uuid = unicode(x).split(':')[-1]
            if x.get(OPF('scheme'), None).lower() == 'amazon' or unicode(x).startswith('urn:amazon:'):
                uuid = unicode(x).split(':')[-1]

        if uuid is None:
                for x in oeb.metadata['identifier']:
                    if x.get(OPF('scheme'), None).lower() == 'uuid' or unicode(x).startswith('urn:uuid:'):
                        uuid = unicode(x).split(':')[-1]

        if isinstance(uuid, unicode):
            uuid = uuid.encode('utf-8')
        if not self.opts.share_not_sync:
            exth.write(pack(b'>II', 113, len(uuid) + 8))
            nrecs += 1
I feel like this provides support for the Amazon sync feature while still allowing a value to be input (UUID) without user intervention.

This feature only works if an ASIN has been set on the ebook.

Feedback welcome! (I've never done python before I just made this work because I wanted the feature. I wanted to share it here in case other people needed it.)
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