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I read some not too positive things from users about their M90, but also some positive ones. So I am hesitant to buy one. Although here in Holland the M90 is sold at a discount it seems: and I read the posts of the distributor saying that he posted new firmware on his website. He really seems concerned to help improve things for his customers:

I will wait a while to find out from users if they like the M92. It is announced to come out the 28th of this month, only 15 days away... and here it says (in Dutch) that Onyx has given the whole software of the M92 an upgrade compared to the M90 and M91S:

I like the white button on the right of the M92. That previously black spot looked distracting on the rest of the completely white frame. And the 4 light gray mechanical buttons on the left might make one avoid pressing the previously flat surface capacitive ones by mistake by not feeling them. As was just passing one's finger over the black spot, which will now be avoided by feeling the white button instead.

I would prefer to see the buttons on the left in white too -with light gray numbers- but now I'm just being nit-picky.

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