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Which one should I buy? I've never seen a book reader closely, before.

Hi everybody.
This is my first post to this blog.
I read a lot of posts, and thanks to everybody, your posts are so useful.

I have to read a lot of technical papers for my university projects. So it is not easy to print all of them. In the other hands, reading them on my laptop makes my eyes tired.
So, I decided to buy a book reader. But I have never seen one closely! And none of my friends have book reader. The only resource for me is Internet and for buying, I prefer to tell one of my friends in other countries to buy it for me (because in contrast to tablets which are available in each store, book readers are not easily available in my country and where they are available, they are so expensive).

To choose a model, I read a lot of blogs and saw many websites. But after all, I'm so confused! May you help me in making this decision, please?

My needs:

1. Displaying technical PDF files which contain heavy vector-based illustrations.
2. Reading books in Persian (right to left languages).
3. Good quality and working for at least 2 years without any hardware problems.
4. I usually use PDF copies from my laptop and can't buy from online shops using a device.
5. Ability to download papers by googleing directly on the device is a good idea.
6. I can listen to mp3s on my cell-phone, so having it on the book reader is not important for me!
7. Having WiFi on the book reader and its ability to use the Internet and check mail.
8. A good dictionary.
9. Ability to taking notes and highlighting text.
10. Good software support and firmware update.
11. I may use softwares like calibre to convert books.
12. I considered spending less than 200$ for it.
13. The book reader should be available in Finland, so my friend can buy it for me.

I found out that Nook simple touch, Kindle, Sony PSR-T1, Kobo and Pocketbook are good readers. But can't decide which is better, according to my needs.
Should I consider other brands?

Please help me.
Thank you.

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