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Smile Author René O'Deay enters the eBook world

Well, hi.
I'm a self-published author. thru [Promotional material deleted - MODRATOR].
A novel about King Tut, title: "Sun Child, Prince of Egypt: Tales of King Tut".
Listed on [Promotional material deleted - MODERATOR]. among other places.
Have had requests for a Kindle version, but due to illness just couldn't get it together. Am now on top of that and trying to create conversions suitable for Apple, Amazon, Sony, et al.
Several problems complicate this endeavor.
The big block is that I do not have or have access to any eBook readers, like Kindle, nor iPhone, nor iPad, etc.
About a month and a half ago my Powerbook G4 (Panther) took a dive on me. Fortunately I had backed up to an external harddrive not long before that. Got a refurb MacBook running Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.11).
None of the iWork programs loaded with it work now. but was able to migrate my old versions of iWork (Pages, which I wrote and created my book on), Acrobat Pro (which I used to clean up the PDF Pages made for me), Photoshop, Dreamweaver MX, even Microsoft Word 2004 (can hardly stand the program).

Before I figured out how to migrate those, I downloaded several programs, inc. Coda, TacoHtML (both only demos it turns out), LibreOpenOffice, Seashore (child of GIMP), even Graphic Converter.
I also have Tiger versions of calibre and Sigil.
I have successfully converted a test eBook. But.... with editing problems.
So will be posting those in the proper forums.
So look out for me there, if you can help guide me.

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