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Continual Setup

ok I've had my touch for a week now. Finished my first book from the kobo store and everything seemed great. Picked up a free thrid party book and loaded it with Calibre. All seemed well for a day but then I started having issues. When I power off it doesn't seem to power off properly. I get the cross hatched lines through the book coverabout 90 % of the time that i power off. Then when that does happen and I turn back on later It wants to go through the set up again. I can skip the set up after selecting the language again and it will go back to my book. I've tried a basic reset three times and two full factory resets. All seems to go well. Reload book with calibre and again everything seems great. Read for a bit then power off and bingo problem is there again. I've emailed kobo support yesterday but no response yet. I've also searched the forum and read through similar post, but in those the people couldn't set up where mine does at first. I'm about ready to take it back to chapters and go by a nook, so any help would be appreciated.
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