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Any way to point?

I got my PE set up (wow, what a headache!) the way Kenny indicated. My edge now lets me install apps and then link them over to the EXT3 partition of my sd card (sdext2 directory). But I still have a couple of small problems.

The first is that one of my apps allows me access to a large library...about 500 mb of materials. That's too much material for the space on the edge internal partition. But that library doesn't want to move over to the card. I can physically copy it to the sdext2, but then the app won't recognize that it's there. Link2SD says it allows library materials to be linked over, but I think what's going on in this case is that the app stores everything in a database, so Link2SD doesn't recognize it and move it over. (The app is Gospel Library from the LDS church if anyone is willing to give this a go...) I'm wondering if anyone knows of any app that works similarly to Link2SD but that will allow me to point an app to the SD directory to find db materials.

The second issue is that every time I start up the PE I get an error saying that the SD card is blank. This is more a minor annoyance than anything. Like I said, Link2SD is using the sdext2 directory for apps when I ask it to. And anything I put on the FAT32 partition shows up in libraries (music files, for instance). If anyone knows how to turn off that particular error message, that would be appreciated.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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