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Help finding an old e-book

Long ago, (early 2000's, haha) I read a book on my Sony Clie. This was back when MobiPocket worked for palm OS. The thing about the clie was that when it's battery died, it lost all of its internal data. I had a book on there that I loved, and I lost it years back. I've been searching for that book every now and then since, but haven't found it. I've probably been looking twice a year for 7 years now.

Unfortunately, I don't know the title or the authors name. This makes it very hard for me to search for it! The book was about a race of sentient trees that came to earth. They interacted with humans, native Americans specifically. It was a very interesting plot(or so I remember), and I would love to read it again! I think it was only published in mobi format, and not widely distributed. I'm also fairly certain it was written by a man.

I know this isn't much info to go off of, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Help me on my long lost quest to find it!

I really don't know where else to look, that's why I've come here. I hope this is the right section of the forum for these kinds of requests, I didn't see a better place.
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