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I keep returning to the Kobo section because I keep looking for a new firmware release.
I am kind disssapointed of the Kobo Touch even regret for having bought.
The battery life is shorter than my other e-readers, try w/wo airplane mode doesn't change a thing. There is no battery indicator while reading books, so when the battery is deplected, it simply turn off and request to be charge.
Even the speed is slower than my 4 years old sony prs700. The touch screen responsiveness is a kind of guessing game, will it turned the page instanously or in a few secondes.
The multiple bookmarks are not available for epub, only on kepub.
There is no "go to page", I have to slide section by section then page per page until I reach the page I wanted.
There is no folder/selections/selves option, books and photo are mixed-up altogether in "one" view.

Hope the multiple bookmarks for epub will be available on the next firmware release soon.
With a touch screen, the current last page read can easily get lost if you are not the sole reader (My toddlers played with the reader). Now I forbid them to touch the KT
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