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Originally Posted by Psyke View Post
actually, even looking at hi-res photo's in the gallery doesn't work very well; I put a large 3888x2592 photo of my daughter where I can zoom right into her face on my pc and see it with absolute clarity, but not so with the Vox, which becomes very distorted. If you want to make a proper wall paper, you're going to do it on your desktop then transfer it over to the vox.

Now, I was reading something for android phones that should be applicable to tablets; When cropping/resizing a photo, you should double your width, so if the resolution of the screen is 1024x600, then your photo should be 1024x1200, so as to provide overlap to the side screens.. am going to try it out with the same photo to see how it works...

update - yup..difference was night and day. I mean, you still lose a bit of crispness when you crop a photo, but as long as you have a high enough quality photo to begin with (and I'm sure I'd have even more success if I went back to the raw version of the photo), it should be much better than the cropping that the vox does; I don't know if this is a problem specific to the vox or if it's an gingerbread problem in general.. it just can't seem to zoom into a photo and re-render it properly..
I tried this, didn't seem to work... are you loading the wallpaper using gallery? I cropped the photo to 1024x1200, loaded it using gallery, stretched the box to fit the whole picture, and the background came out looking fuzzy.
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