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I agree, as long as you're aware of the danger. I only log in as root to my computer when necessary. Even though I consider myself fairly technical (I'm a programmer), I like to play safe. And if there are no significant benefits (plus it voids the warranty), why bother? Of course, the choice should be up to you, not the manufacturer or retailer.

I've installed a couple of apps that weren't from Kobo's market (I downloaded them directly from the developer's web site), and I didn't have to log in as root. I just turned on the option to "install from unknown sources". I haven't tried uninstalling anything (and probably won't, until I start to run out of memory), so I don't know about that.

Originally Posted by jefftheworld View Post
There is almost no danger in using the rooting method I detailed above, other than voiding your warranty.

The average user certainly wont be logging in as root very much (or at all, perhaps) but having root access is required to install and use a great number of apps.

When you buy a desktop computer, as the owner, you have admin access. Why should it be any different on a phone or tablet?
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