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Few Questions

The past 5 years i've steadly built up my e-book collection, and tbh i'm not a keen reader (infact i almost hate it) but I just like to learn..but i've always found I could quite easily get stuck into one of my paper back books but whenever it came to my ebooks just made me feel phyiscally exhausted to read; i'm one of those people who start feeling like crap if I sit on the pc for over an hour or 2, im guessing cause the bright light and eye strain it causes. And it has really cramped my progress just really put me off reading.

So anyways, I finally discovered these ebook devices with E-Ink screens and decided it could be just the answear I need but I have very limited knowledge or understanding of the technology.. thats where you come in hopefully someone on here can answear my questions about the readers before I attempt to splash out alot of money to me on one.

I've been looking at the Iliad reader and in the uk it is around 400. but my main concerns is will this device or any device be able to handle pdf files with lots of graphics which could be anywhere from 40mb - 200mb ? and secondly can you actually read the text off a pdf on the screen because I know alot of different pdfs come in different sizes?

That's my only requirements to be able to handle medium -> largish files and to be legible i'm not really bothered about any other limitations like refresh rate. (just typed on my microsoft word programme and i'd be happy if it was the size of arial 8 or 7 on here or pushing it at 6, can i expect at least that?)

Also I heard which the Iliand you can write notes ? is this easy to use and save?.. I know it won't allow you to save the notes directly onto the file without transfering them seperate to a pc 1st but all im interested in is note taking that can be saved and re-read on pc without reference to the original pdf.

thanks alex
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