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The Bible on Vox

I have purchased a eBible from Kobo and it is on my VOX.
the user instructions within the eBible is to go to open "table of contents" then it lists on the books of the Bible (66 of them) then select the book you want, ie Matthew, then (in therory) Matthew will come up with a list of all the chapters within Matthew then you select which chapter you want.

I know it works on a Sony eReader as I was able to borrow on and I temporary put this Kobo purchased eBible on the Sony (I did remove book before I returned eReader)

but it doesn't work on the VOX. When I try to select sometime that is supposed to jump to somewhere else in the book it just turns the page.

I realize this probably isn't a big issue for most people but I was happy to have a Bible that was lightweight and could be as largeprint as I needed it to be.
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