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Wow! That must've been some Palm OS conference.

I admit that the default Palm OS PIM's aren't as sexy as the 3rd party ones, but they work well for a non-Palm OS-PIM-poweruser like me. (Actually, I wish that the default Apple PIM's Address Book and iCal were more powerful so I could sync using iSync, but oh well...)

I applaud your choices: iSilo and ZLauncher. They've made me use my Z2 so effectively it's become my brain 1A. (I went to the bank earlier today, and I decided to keep charging my Z2 instead of bringing it. Bad move, that line was soooooooo long. Immediately I wished I'd brought it.)

Filez and TCPMP are both also really good software choices. I'd be interested in checking out Sunrise when it comes out, but I'm so in love with iSilo it'd be interesting to see what the differences are.

Apparently the Lifedrive didn't really do it for you, but I've been intrigued by the Treo 650 also. I just wish I could make my own PDA somehow from the best features of the others. Until that day, however, my Z2 will have to do.

Oh yeah, how are you going to add the Treo 650 to your PDA profile?
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