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Question Two plugin ideas

First idea: A tag generator, similar to the cloud tag generators seen on many sites nowadays. Most of you seem to be using calibre with fiction ebooks where the number of tags is lower (usually) that, for example, in my own case. I am using it to clasify a vast collection of ebooks about computers, operating systems, web design, programming... you know... and tagging a book like for example "Mastering Apache, PHP and MySQL" where the main topic may be web development, programing, database management... well... hope you understand me... a pluging that reads the book counting word frequency and returns a list of the most frequent words (lets say 50 words) would be very useful to me... and hope that for someone else... if in addition it discard common words of the language, has support for different languages... well... don't wanna ask too much...

Second idea: An ISBN grabber... most of my ebooks' metadata is missing... half of them were authored by someone called User and the other half are titled Document1... sure you know what I'm talking about... I can retrieve all the metadata I need with Calibre but it is incredibly faster when I got the ISBN. Would it be too difficult to make a pluging to read the ebook searching for the ISBN?

Thank you very much for your attention and excuse my English... not my mother language.
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