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Dictionary other than English?

Just got my PE
Really glad I bought it...but,there is something I want to ask.
I read, or at least trying to, to read books in German,and so I need dictionary for it. Sure i can download another dictionary,but i wish to use the default built-in one.
I followed the instruction here :
- Download python 3.2.2
- Download German-english dictionary
- Fire the command....and fail

It said :
File "", line 44
print "%d / %d\r" % (_ops, words_count)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Have no idea what's wrong here ( i got no experience at all with programming)....can anyone help me?
I'm trying to reply in that thread,but it said the thread is closed.

And, it is possible, after the dictionary replaced, to read german book,highlight one word,and search in dictionary?or should i input it manually?
Thx all
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