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Hi ! Thanks for answering ! Here's a screen-copy of what happens:



BTW, I checked at work too ! I have a Dual core 3.16 Go with 8 Go of RAM, on Windows 7 !

...and the problem is the same: as soon as I COPY a -wrong- sign from the text, then in Sigil, EDIT > REPLACE, in "Find what" I paste the sign and in "Replace with" write the correct sign and click on REPLACE ALLL, the program hangs !

...Haaahaaa ! I did it in BOOK VIEW ! ...and I just discovered now -after having read USER_NONE post- that if I switch to CODE VIEW, it works ! Why that ?

Now, other question:

In the texts I'm correcting, there are -in french- CAPITAL letters with accent, like (ALT 0200) or (ALT-0192), and the same accentuated letters but in small caracters, like (ALT-0233) or (ALT-0224), so, when I ask to replace the wrong caracter with the ALT-xxx sign FOR THE CAPITAL, Sigil replaces even the SMALL LETTER by the CAPITAL...

Does this sounds complicated ? Sorry, english is not my mopthertongue and even in french, it's now very easy to explain... (plus the fact that YOU, english speaking/reading/writing, do not have ACCENTUATED LETTERS !!!

Heeeeelp !

Any idea ?

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