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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Welcome to Mobileread.
Thank you

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
May I ask what missing features in existing converters are you trying to supply?
Well, as far as I know from what I used so far, none of the current projects implement ligatures for example, very few implement font or image embedding and all of them are targeted at english readers and use english typographical conventions.

There are some languages in which dialogs are represented by a line beginning with a dash, followed by the actual dialog, and, since the Reader always justifies text, the space between the dash and the first sentence usually has a variable length. You can of course replace the space with a nonbreaking space manually for each document written in a language that uses these typographical conventions, but I'm trying to automate such tasks.

The idea behind the project is to automate as much as possible and to always obtain a consistent result, regardless of the way the input file looks.

To that end, I also implemented some more advanced features that can be used to automate book organization, without any interventions in the input text. For example, you can separate chapters by using a regexp or you can automatically transform chapter names with a single instruction (check out the example book in which all chapter names are uppercase). This is something you would normally do manually.

There's also the organization of chapters in "parts", something that is present in most large books, but I couldn't really find in any of the LRF convertors that I tried (you can always use a hack, such as an empty chapter, as a part separator, but I'm not very confortable with that).

There are some more features that I wanted but couldn't find (such as automatic OCR fixing and footnotes). Check out the feature list in the manual for a complete list of features... There are some that already exist in other implementations and some that I believe have never been implemented so far (at least to my knowledge).
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