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Hi, I've ended up buying it, thanks to your review. I should receive it in a week or so. There's something that worries me, though. I have more books in my hard drive than I will be able to read in my lifetime, and I will be using the ebookwise a lot more often to read those books than to buy new ones.

And my concern is this one: How dependant is the device on the FictionWise web? Do you have any trouble with the Personal Content sever? Because if DiscoLeia said the ebookwise librarian did'nt work for her and she had to use the server, I don't feel comfortable with the idea that I depend on a web to read my ebooks, and if the site goes down for some reason, I will lose that ability and the device will be useless. Is the ebook Librerian software independent from the web? Or it forces you to connect some way? Again, I don't want to pay 15 bucks to register it, and then find out that I can't use it, or that, after all, it's still going to connect to the website.

Anyone to solve my doubts?
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