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Originally Posted by The Terminator View Post
I think "Free-loader" is an App award only. Because I tried to download 10 classics and it didn't work.
I think this one might be a bug...? I downloaded more than 20 free books on my iPad from the Kobo store and I didn't get it.

Also, question about Juggernaut: If you don't achieve 10 000 page turns in 2 months, does your progress on the award reset? I'm coming up on 2 months in a couple weeks, and I only have 1100 page turns, I was just under the assumption that you'd get it whenever you got 10 000 page turns.

And one more...back in May, Kobo released 3 awards related to True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse series...anyone know if they're still available or what you had to do to get them? They were on the page, but the page is all blank now.
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