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Originally Posted by KoboJW View Post
Warranty information can be found at a link at the bottom of this page:

Direct link:

It includes details for our extended warranties, as well as the standard one. There are some editing errors referencing Touch in those docs, I noticed. They are being fixed now.

Hi James - thanks for taking the time to read and respond to the users here.
I read through the info you linked & I hope you don't mind if I follow up with a couple more questions.

I live in the Vancouver area and was wondering if there is a Kobo warranty/service center in this area: Ontario is a long way to ship something from here.
Also I gather the warranty would *not* cover the battery, the charger, or the usb cable so can you provide some info on the replacement costs of those items?

BTW - how long is the useful life of the battery? At some point it will need to be replaced and I couldn't find any info on the kobo site on how to replace it or what it would cost.

Thanks again for your help...
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