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And I still don't understand how it comes up with the date that is assigned on the kindle. It was about 7PM PST when I ran the script. The server date was correct. My client computer was correct. The NY Times server probably is at 10PM EST. Why did the date on my kindle use the next day? Its almost as if it is using a later time zone like GMT to determine the date? Any way to correct for this? Note that I use timefmt='' to remove the date appended to the title - here I am talking about the other date associated with the periodical.

Also I notice during testing running the scripts several times that my kindle seems to put the new version of the periodical in the back articles and leave the old one. I haven't really been paying too much attention to notice a pattern in these first couple days of lots of experimenting, but it has happened. I think others don't go into a back issue collection and multiple copies exist in the directory. Anyone have experience with this and can offer some things to look into to resolve this. I would think it would be helpful for the old issues for all the calibre recipes to go into back issues automatically if possible. It would be even better if there was some way to set an automatic deletion (on the kindle and on the personal document server). For example, it would be great to be able to implement a rule such as only 3 back issues are saved, after that the oldest one is deleted as each new one is generated. I suspect this is not currently possible, but it doesn't hurt to ask...

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