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Originally Posted by eLiNK View Post
What I do not like about the device is that you have to essentially operate it with two hands or am I mistaken?
For normal reading operations you can use either hand, you don't need both. You can change pages with the bottom button on the left side, or you can use the "trackpoint" on the right side with the right hand.

IMHO the M92 is just a brush-up of the M90, with mechanical instead of capacitive/infrared buttons, more memory and faster CPU, but essentially the same software -- which is probably as buggy as the current one for the M90. From my point of view they're unable to fix the firm-/software and therefore change the hardware (regarding especially the infrared touch-button on the M90). I haven't had any issues with the M90's capacitive buttons on the left side, though, so I don't understand why they uglified the whole device by having mechanical buttons stick out on the M92.
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