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About Author META

(Page 9/10)[QUOTE=drMerry;1516470]I'm thinking about creating a 'meta author' plugin.

Does someone have interest in a plugin like this.
Of course, yes! Iīve already been thinking about such plugin, too.
It would be nice like this: (my draft; in new window; maybe better in new subTab)
(similar to Edit Metadata)
"04-29-2011, 03:55 PM #137
kiwidude: ... I can get all the author info I want from a right-click of Search the Internet plugin..."
Yes, it is a really nice plugin, but not as comfortable as a new topic.
(Why do we download bookcover (e.g.) ? Because we like it. Itīs... ...beautiful^^.
-So pics/information of/about the authors are.)
It would be really nice to have this opinion integrated in Calibre.

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