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Thanks for the earlier answers. OK. New to this. I have not used code in years. However, where do I find the code that is created by InDesign when it is being validated by the iTunes Producer? I get my error message and I would like to correct it. However, I cannot find the code, other than the code that is visible in the box provided by iTunes in the validation box with the error message.

I have seen others suggest that I create my own files folders, such as: meta-inf, and contents. However, I believed that using the export in ID was going to do this when it created the ePub and when I uploaded into iTunes? Pipedream here??

I simply need to correct the language in my code, or so my error message states. Hopefully, I have managed to get by with the other messages that first appeared and correct them. I would like to upload my book by tomorrow.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge here. I will be reading up on code, you can believe me. I have several other books to place here, so have to do this on my own. Tired of publishers.


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