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mobi page # for K3 from NCX with kindlegen?

I am trying to get page numbers to show on my kindle 3 using the pageList
in the ncx file, using kindlegen V1.2 build 33307 to make the mobi file.
When I added the pageList kindlegen stopped complaining about not having
a page file, but I don't see it on my kindle. I do have some ebooks from
Amazon that show page numbers and locations both when I press the menu
button and see the menu. My kindle Version is 3.3(611680021)

Is it possible to see the page numbers generated from the pageList, and if so
how can I get it to work. I'm beginning to wonder if the way mentioned
in the various threads for getting them via calibre works and the ncx pageList
way does not. Everything I have seen from searching mentions pageList
in connection with ePub rather than mobi.
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