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Device: kindle DXG

I love your effort. It's a great tool to save my eyes burn by the LCD. But I encountered a problem with my DXG.

DXG has free 3G but no wifi. And, you have to turn the wireless on when you start the web browser. In this case, the DXG has two ip addrss, one is, and another is the ip gained by the 3G network. In the same way, my pc also got two ips, one is, and another is the lan ip.

When your webserver start, it automatically set up on the lan ip address. The result is that the DXG cannot get connection to it. I guess it is because the DXG has not route information from to the LAN ip.

I have tried to stop the lan connnection on my PC, then the python webserver just cannot start up.

I think there are two way to resolve the problems. One is that you set up the webserver on instead of the LAN ip; another is that I modify the routing table of my kindle with usbNetwork. But as a Window user I has no idea how to modify the kindle route table.

Can you help me resolve the problem?
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