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Originally Posted by tvjohn View Post
Sorry for the delay responding linnx88. Normally DK L posts appear in the Developer section so I forgot to check here. It might be worth you checking DK posts there

As a new user of DK L, I've never seen PDF reflow so don't know what I'm missing

I imagine, but don't know, that DK L may never support mobi or prc, presumably because Kindle supports those well enough already?

What Kindle does poorly is display PDF's. Clearly the hardware is capable, & here DK L does a much better job.

Apparently the full DK version also shows djvu & chm documents, both of which would be useful for me, but seem absent currently.
Thanks for the reply John.

The reflow basically allowed the PDF to become normal, flowing text like you would see from your regular PRC book. It had some flaws, but over all worked very well.

I played around with the new Duokan, I like how fast it is now. Switching from Kindle to Duokan and back now takes mere seconds.

As far as CHM support in Duokan full, I'd rather spend some time and decompile the chm into regular html and then paste that to word and make a normal ebook. I've had a lot of issues with chms.

I'll check out the aforementioned forum.
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