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Originally Posted by hawhill View Post
Side note: Recovery does *NOT* mean you should dump the image onto the document partition of the kindle. You need to access the root partition and the kindle will only allow for that when you select that from recovery menu *and* enter password (or you did use yifanlu's kernel before it broke).

As a rule of thumb: When there's only one partition (/dev/sdX1, but no /dev/sdX2), chances are it's the document partition, *NOT* the root partition. You can also check partition sizes: The root partition is the same size as the partition image.

Note that recovery this way is not without risks. And you should really know what you're doing and why.

In fact it was news for me when stranger_st wrote that you can access the root partition without RS232 and entering password. And I still don't really believe that - except if you were using yifanlus kernel.
Strange in my case this recovery process worked. Maybe it is restoring partly or differently.

But First time when my Kindle DXG was broken I did as hawhill said through serial interface. This is the best way as it will make clean install.

For that you will need RS232 connection as ebs done.

Here is short and full guide how to recover kindle dxg.

I have partly disassembled Kindle and removed plastic bezel.
Till step 2. Without Removing bezel I could not connect to 4 serial pins.
In my case (Kindle dxg) connection was different than in ebs version.
1. 5V from converter (where 1 on the board)
2. Rx port.
3. Tx port.
4. Ground.
I just taped wires to the PCB with a scotch tape as EBS.
Connect and fix battery with scotch tape.

You will need Linux (Ubuntu best choice)

##become root user
sudo su

## Installing cu minicom
apt-get install cu minicom

##check to which usb it is attached usually ttyUSB0
##command to check

##Giving right permissions
chown uucp /dev/ttyUSB0

##Connect to Device
minicom -s
# Configure Serial connection

A -- /dev/ttyUSB0
B -- /var/lock
C --
D --
E --115200 8N1
F --Not
G --Not

Connected Kindle Serial
Starting process and:
Hit enter to interrupt the boot process while it starts initialize kernel

In Recovery Menu hit 3 and give password
(which you can obtain with this tool
it works when kindle connected as usb storage example in recovery mode if your kindle is not starting).

Plug your Usb Cable

#In Linux type
#and hit enter
# you will See sdb1 or sdc1 or sdd1 device connected as EXT3-fs I will use sdx1

umount /dev/sdx1

#Make new filesystem

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdx1

dd if='/home/solid/recovery/rootfs.img' of=dev/sdx1

wait till the command finishes and give back console

Hit Reboot in the serial console or hit R on the Kindle

Thats it your Kindle clean installed

If you have any questions ready to answer.
PS. Thanks to hawhill he guided me and provided root image.
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