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Setting Margin ?


I'm newbie here. Found a lot of informations since browsing it for weeks so i decided to register in order to take part to the discussion. As a Booken orizon user, i just bought a shiny (too much !) Sony PRS-T1 to my girlfriend as she was a bit curious and enthusiast about reading on a device, especially seeing how it was comfy to read and easier to focus on a ebook.

I'm pretty happy with the sony, it's a really great and fast device but my bookeen have a margin on epubs that I miss on the sony reader. In fact, words are way too near of the borders on the sony device and i would like to adjust it like it is on my cybook.

Look on this screen, the sony display words almost full screen and not justified when the orizon looks more like a book... it's easier to read. It's especially disturbing on the sony as the black border is reaaaally shiny

Thanks for your comments !
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