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DRM restricted book

Could somebody solve this puzzle for me?

I bought two e-books from the Kobo website and downloaded them to the Adobe Digital Editions software I had on my computer.

I then transferred them to Calibre for reading.

I was told of Apprentice Alf's Blog for the stripping of DRM using various plug-ins in Calibre. I have successfully used some of the plug-ins to work with other certain formats.

There is a plug-in that strips the DRM in ADE and I have installed this within Calibre as per the README files from Alf's blog.

One of the books transferred, works no problem at all and you can read it in Calibre. Unfortunately, I'm still being told that the other book transferred is DRM protected, even though the plug-in is definitely there and it worked with the other book exactly how it should.

Has anybody else come across this scenario and is there anyone out there who could tell me how to get around this so I can read the other book in Calibre?


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