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Originally Posted by darseno View Post
Before installing the hack, I could use the page forward and page backward buttons to scroll one page at a time in the web browser. Now these buttons don't do anything in the browser. I'd like to put it back the way it was, because the e-ink screen is so slow that it takes forever to scroll using the touch screen.

It would also be nice to be able to use said buttons for scrolling in other applications, like ADWLauncher.
Yep, agreed 100%. Hoping someone knows how to fix it!

[EDIT: Just noticed landscape orientation in the normal sony Reader has the hardware buttons reversed. Right (Down) goes back a page, and Left (Up) goes forward.]

Also, I've installed a handful of apps and now I'm getting 'low on space' errors -- is there any way to fix this? (it's clearly not talking about the 'READER' partition, as that has over a gig of space left)

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