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Originally Posted by vicinc View Post
the usb device is called /usb0
sh user /dev/usb0
under adb shell #
with dingo on usb as
but without a working unmount
however this is what I get:
# sh user /dev/usb0
sh user /dev/usb0, dev=/dev/usb0, fs=auto cannot create /sys/devices/platform/pxa168-pwm.0/pwm-backlight.0/bac
light/pwm-backlight/brightness: directory nonexistent
mkdir failed for -p, File exists
mkdir failed for -p, File exists
mkdir failed for -p, File exists
start: Thu Oct 20 22:40:28 GMT 2011 (user)
executing update script...
removing reboot_cmd from env... fw_setenv: permission denied
do_mount: do_mount: dev /dev/usb0 dir /srcmnt type auto flags 0x8000 loop 0
do_mount: calling mount: dev /dev/usb0 dir /srcmnt s auto rwflag 0x8000
mount: No such file or directory does not exist on /dev/usb0
rm failed for -rf, No such file or directory

it is trying to do something but reboots in the end. I think the script unmounts the usb0? as is not found on usb0 ?
You need to be root to do any of this.
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