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A Kindle, Kobo Touch, Nook Simple Touch or something else?

I have preordered the Kindle Touch 3g, but I recently found out that I won't be able to use the 3G connection for web browsing. I reexamined all the choices I had and have (tentatively) narrowed it down to these options:

-Don't cancel pre-order, buy the Kindle Touch 3G (w/ special offers):
I get Wikipedia and Amazon everywhere, which will be somewhat useful for me when I'm traveling. I definitely would prefer a touch screen to a keyboard. I would enjoy the games and applications (both jailbreak and non-jailbreak) that Kindle has, especially with a touch screen (assuming that applications will work with the Kindle Touch, which seems reasonable).
-Switch to Kindle Keyboard 3G:
The main reason I would consider this is to be able to browse the web with a 3G connection. One concern I have is that Amazon may simply remove 3G browsing from the Kindle Keyboard in a few months. I also do not like keyboard controls and would strongly prefer a touchscreen
-Switch to Kindle Wi-fi Touch:
This would be cheaper than the above two options, while still retaining a touchscreen and the advantages of a Kindle. On the other hand, I would miss the 3G.

Another thing I can't figure out is if these new Kindles will still support mobi.

-Kobo Touch:
The Kobo Touch seems like a very good reader for what I need. I like the many formats supported and reading "achievements". The downside to me is that as far as I can tell it doesn't have applications, and I'm not sure if it has a web browser.
-Nook Simple Touch:
Honestly, I think that the Kindle Touch or Kobo Touch are better than this, but it seems comparable and there are used versions available for really low prices.

If anyone who has used some of these readers before could give me advice I'd be happy.

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