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Hi, I've the same problem: the Opus doesn't see the books on the internal storage but only on microSD.
I formatted the internal storage with all kind of formatting indicated in this thread and in other threads:
- using gParted;
- with sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 -n "Cybook Opus" -s 8 -I /dev/sdb1
- simply with mkfs.vfat -l /dev/sdb1
- with Computer desktop icon --> Right click on Opus, Format in Windows XP.
In all the above cases, i succeeded in formatting; then I start the Opus, it asks me the language and I can see the directory sBooks, Picture, etc in the device.
But, when I see the internal storage with PC, it's empty, there aren't directories.
I tried to create directories and load a book but Opus doesn't see seems that the directories that the Opus shows doesn't match with the directories that I created and that I can see in PC's File Manager.
I also installed the firmware afresh but the problem persist...what can I do?!
Thanks a lot.
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