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Smile Issue solved with Calengoo

For anyone who also had the same problem I had as far as finding their calandar entries multiplied over and over (in some cases 12times!) I found a really nice app called Calengoo--it appears to be made to sync with the google calandar. It works perfectly! Whatever I input into the google calandar on my computer appears on my PE, and then whatever I add to the Calengoo on my PE appears on the google calandar I accesss with my computer! Its really good!
For some reason, the android calandars I was trying out were creating multiple entries of the same thing--I tried to find menus and settings features that would stop it, but nothing worked.
I downloaded the Calengoo from the marked at Amazon--it was something like $6, but what the heck, it solved the problem really quickly!
Nice calendar, nice layout and very easy to navigate.
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