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Apt improves your Reader app...

Hi all,

I just want to share with everybody the latest wonder-app for Palm OS and what it can do for eBooks readers like ourselves...

It's called Apt, you can find it at .

What does it do? Well, it does so much that explaining it is well beyond the scope of this post in this forum... but the general idea is it lets you configure your Palm in ways never thought of before, with per-application settings and button assignments. It also let's you define that certain taps or strokes in areas of the screen bring up actions that you define - this let me, for example, add 4 features to eReader:

1. make a tap on a certain place in the toolbar take me to BigClock DA to time my readings
2. make a stroke from right to left over the page indicator take me to the begining of the book, and the opposite stroke take me to the end
3. make a stroke coming down from the page indicator (I have my toolbar on the top of the screen) launch "Find Again", making it a lot easier to go through several finds until I get to the passage I want.

Also, Apt has brightness control options that some people find interesting for night-reading, outdoor reading, etc.

So, the advice is: for eReader or for whatever reader you prefer, explore how Apt can let you add features and make things more convenient for you. The site has plenty of examples explaining, including these about eReader.

It costs money for the full version, but most of this can be done easily with the Lite version which is free! Have fun tweaking!
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