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Originally Posted by vldmr View Post
Hey, that is the part that intrigues me the most

So what did you use to look into the code in framework.jar All classes there are inside .dex blob, which is not normal java code. Is there a tool you could recommend?

I would be looking into patching Settings.apk application on edge.senior so that it would not disable power saving preferences on that device
for framework.jar I used baksmali/smali.

To modify an apk look for a tool called apktool. it intelligently unpacks apk files and then uses baksmali/smali to decompile it.

So get all of those.

the only problem is that it can't decompile jars and dexes into java code, it decompiles into a weird mishmash of java and assembly called smali for lack of a better term. It's not very well documented, but just googling smali to find the tools will get you some examples.
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