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Originally Posted by vldmr View Post
Hm, just tried it now allmine is installed on it and it does show real sn (13 digits starting with M), not the one that I put into /system/serial_number - (14 hex digits).

This serial number business is really annoying - the usb device properties have serial number 0123456789ABCDEF on both EE and PE, as result it is not possible to connect ADB over usb to both of them simultaneously. I had to install ADBwireless on EE.

The reason is ro.serialno is empty, ESI did not set up platform properties correctly. The is set and correct though. I was trying to set ro.serialno using setprop in startup scripts but that did not work for me.

No I have to figure out why EE lost hibernate ability after allmine (ermine?), although I set and ro.product.device to edge
Sorry to confuse you.


Getting the real one involves writing SERIAL_NUMBER into that pipe and then reading the output.

Getting the fake allmine sn involves just opening up the /system/serial_number file and reading it.

As part of allmine, I patched the call that android uses to get your device's IMEI to get the fake allmine SN rather than the real one. And then I just get your real serial number and use a 0 to pad it to be long enough to trick google into thinking it's an IMEI. I never considered that EE's would have other characters in their serial. Whoops! We could figure out a way to just make up serials or something.
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