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To be blunt, Myself, Mark N; there is a difference between
blunt' and 'rude'.
(Though, I suppose, as people in My life would say, 'Those in Glass Houses......' So, yes, I can't really judge.)
Though, I do thank you for your good advice. It just seems, that, if they say it can hold upto 32 GBS, you shouldn't have to go through all the hoops like this. But, then, when is anything ever easy, especially with E-Readers. Thats just how I Write, alot of people do (And, I assume you meant, 'Breaks'.) but, yes, I concede, I probably could have cleaned up My long rely, just a tad. Or, more like a-lot, but, I was tired, so, it is what it is. Again, I thank you, this sounds like it might work, so, I shall go try. Thank you as ever, for your time, Beta-Panther.

Oh, by the way, your suggestion worked. So, you might be a bit rude, but, at least you have smart suggestions. In all seriousness; THANK YOU. I have over five thousand books, and, having to always swap back and forth, because I did not have room for them all, was driving Me even more nuts.
Thank you all for your time, and, hard effort, you really have no idea how I appreciate it, BetaPanther.

Oh, and, I also wish to apologize. It was never My intention to make it hard for people to understand My writing, that wouldn't work out for Me, after all, but, in life, I'm just a fast talker, and writer, and, sometimes, things just run into each other. But, I am sorry, and, I really am so, so grateful for all your help. I won't be coming back to this post from now on, as, I am a little tired of the comments on My formatting. Its just how I am, and, at least I try to add many details, and, attempt proper spelling, unlike many others out there. But, anyhow, again, thanks, and, bye. BetaPanther.

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