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Hello. Sorry I took so long to reply, but, I wanted to try out all suggestions, and test with the seriousness they duly deserved. MPD123; Thank you, that was a very informative reply, but, I reformatted card, both ways, AND, downloaded and added prs+, and, no dice. As, while the fics FINALLY appeared on SD Card menory, sending Me over the damn moon, it turns out, that, by disabling scanning of card, you can't view them on card anymore, and, they must be transferred to main memory anyway, and, I have so much more then 2 gbs, so, it would be counter productive, and, against what I'm trying to do anyway, but, thank you, it really did seem like the solution for awhile. Shopaholic; I mean, by a compatible card, that, you might know, some memory cards, are for cameras, and the like, only, so, I got, and expensive card, and, not from ebay, a card that can be used on ALL sony products. Though, it IS an australian card, and, the reader is american. Would that make a difference? Do not want to seem a dunce, I just never got a satisfactory answer on this front, anywhere, and, it just seemed to Me, even though the card loads, that could have something to do with it. Maybe. luvduchovny; As I said, in above post, I brought a Two gb memory card also. I did write that, didn't I? I hope its seeable. Anyway. And, that card also WILL not load. I left in overnight, and, in the morning, the little circle in the center of the screen was still revolving, and, it resetted itself before My very eyes. Which is what it does, just, worse, due to larger memory, with the 16 gbs. Rinse, wash, and, repeat, repeat, repeat..... over and over again, until the power runs out. Will just not load, no matter the size. elcreative; That is true, but, have brought two cards by now, so, unless it is the australia/american problem I speculated on earlier, do not think it is the card. And, it could be My machine, but, I payed 300+ dollars for it on ebay, so, I can just not afford another right now. Well, thank you all for trying, though, I must say, I hope other replys, do come through. Fingers, as ever, crossed, BetaPanther.

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