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Originally Posted by ktwombley View Post
Unfortunately Allmine won't help you with telephony support on your PE.

Google Voice, when used to make calls on an android phone, actually works via making a regular phone call to google, and then google calls your target for you. It just doesn't look like a phone call in the UI. If you try using google voice to make a phone call on a device without a cellular radio (tablets, PE), it just won't work at all.

So what we need here is VOIP (Voice over IP, i.e. calling via data connection). And you are right that it requires a newer version of android.

Right now, I'm working on getting a kernel to compile for my PE. Once I can confirm that, I will try to make patches of entourage's additions to the kernel so they can be applied to newer kernel source.

Once my serial cable components arrive and I can dive into u-boot I'm going to start hacking on porting ClockworkMod recovery over. That will make ROM development so much easier.

Eventually, I hope to put out a bona fide ROM for the PE.

Until then, Allmine is just a collection of half-assed hacks.

Stay tuned!
This is great! Will wait patiently for your ROM to roll out! I still cannot make the market work (saying it cannot establish reliable connection to the server... although I follow your steps to the T).
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