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Thank you all for the wonderful recommendations ! - from what I have heard I think that we can benefit from the best of both worlds - especially if I can get the latest rev finished for my RTF tools program. Although I have not done any DOS batch file programming in a while, it seems to be that there might be a way to create a batch file routine for calling Wordpad to open and save RTF files, thereby slimming them down prior to LRF conversion. Here is what I am currently working on, and here is my idea about how this could be used in conjunction with an LRF conversion tool -

Currently, I am working on a variation of the initial RTF Tools program I wrote that uses a directory structure to obtain and write Author and Title information readable by the Sony Reader. Basically, my intention is to read through all the folders in a directory (one level deep) and obtain the Author's name from the Folder, and the book's Title from the filename, inscribing via a one-shot batch routine both Author and Title information into the RTF files. Originally, I was planning on using this as a sole means to an end - the use of RTF files in the Sony Reader, however thanks to members of the community here is my revised idea involving the LRF format:

1) because ebooks are easily and freely obtainable in RTF format - which is also easily manipulated - acquire ebooks in RTF format or convert titles not already in LRF or RTF to RTF. There are a variety of tools with which to do this, including the free Amber Converter, and a program called HTMLtoRTF Converter (also free). Ebooks already in RTF format can be found on (free) and (free).

2) Save the RTF formatted ebooks to a directory structure comprised of the file name as the Title of the book, and all books for a particular Author (or primary author in the case of Multiple authors saved in a folder name comprised of the Last name and First name of the Author, separated by a comma - this limitation only because I believe there is currently only one Author allowed for the purposes of the Sony Reader).

3) Run a DOS based batch program to call Wordpad to open and save the various RTF formatted ebooks, reducing thereby their file sizes and any unecessary formatting.

4) Because Author and Title information are purportedly destroyed by Wordpad, and because not all ebooks will have the Author and Title information already available, run my RTF Tools batch program to add the Author and Title information back into the RTF ebook files.

5) Run the appropriate RTF to LRF conversion program

6) Voila ! YOU have just obtained and formatted a hopefully large library of freely obtainable ebooks for your Sony Reader !

THanks - and please let me know what you think of my ideas !

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