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Neat solution for a misbehaving reader screen

Here is a neat trick I discovered on the reader screen.
As I use the reader screen a lot for annotating text, I was getting a little frustrated with those places on the screen where no matter how much I re-calibrate, the line making is just bizarre. Luckily, most of the screen is good, but I'll be in the middle of correcting a text, or a line, when suddenly, what I am writing in english looks more like alien space language.
Then I discovered the "rectangle select" tool--it changes everything!
For example--I want to write the word I want to insert above the printed word. I try to write it normally, but it comes out terrible because that particular part of the screen (always close to the margin) is permanently wacky. Well, I go to a clean part of the screen, write out the word I want to insert (or proofreading symbol, or whatever). The I go to the menu, click on tools, then from the tool menu, I select "rectangle select". With the stylus, I then "make a rectangle" over the hand written word. Then, with the stylus, I just move the handwritten word over to the wacky part of the screen, and I position it exactly where it should go.
It works really well! And now I am able to write whatever I want on any part of the e-ink page!
If your PE is acting funky on the eReader side when in annotate mode, you might want to try this. Made a big difference for me.
I hope this helps someone out there--many of you have been really kind in my own questions about the PE--I was hoping to find a way to give it back and pay it forward as well!

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