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Calibre to Web Page

Hi. Not sure if this is the right place, so sorry if it isn't.

Up until the arrival of iOS5 on my iPhone I used Stanza to read and download from an OPDS catalog I use at home. Since Stanza isn't compatible any longer with my phone, I have moved onto using Kobo. As a reader it isn't as good, but better than others I have tried.

My only issue is that you need to download the files from a web browser, and although I can do this, as I have it as a website, I don't get to see synopses of the books, the genre or anything else which is helpful.

I have over 800 in my library and loads more to add, and don't want to start again and therefore I am wondering if there is a feature that will allow me to generate html pages using the information within Calibre that will give me the information as well as a link to the file.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to help.

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