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My previous e-reader (Ectaco) recently bit the dust... my own fault, reading in a damp tent. After some research, I just purchased a PB360+. I love the screen and most everything else, but I know what would happen if I took this one for some rough camping.
I would try to double-Ziplock bag or even heat-seal it and read through the plastic, but for that I'd have to leave the clamshell protective cover off, and the screen would be unprotected... so here's a bright idea: Why not make that clamshell transparent so it can always stay on? All the controls are still accessible, and the actual screen is much better protected from accidental scratching, at worst you can just replace the cover. Note to the company: I bet many people would be willing to purchase such clear covers for their 360/360+'s.
And my wishlist for the next model, from my peculiar point of view, is this:
--A plastic, not glass-based screen, so it'd be less fragile. Ultimately, the unit should be able to withstand a real fall onto a hard surface.
--Weatherproofing as charged, splash- and dampproofing, seals all around.
--A regular (AAA?) battery, not a rechargeable one that requires access to electric power. (Well, you can still stick in a rechargeable AAA NiMn cell.)
--Oh, and I can easily live without the G-sensor.
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