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Originally Posted by miz sue View Post

My 2nd problem is that the column for Collections remains unpopulated. I manually go in and type the author name (FN LN) for the collection. Unfortunately when I upload it to my device, the collection field remains empty and I have to re-enter it again.
Hi Miz Sue,

You can organize your collections in Calibre by editing the Metadata of your book.
In the 'Edit Metadata' screen is a field/box 'Series'. In this box you can type a collection/series name. You can use anything/format you want; Calibre will then create that series.
There is also a field/box 'Number'. You can use this to number the books in your series. In Calibre, the number will show up in [], behind the Series name.
Calibre will send the collection info to your PRS650. You won't have to create collections manually on your reader anymore.

Did you also know you can change the order of colums on your Calibre screen? Go to 'Preferences' - 'Add your own colums'. Check the colums you want to see; uncheck the ones you don't want to see.
Select a colum and use the green up-and-down-arrows to arrange the order of the colums. Using this, you can customize your screen...

Last week, I've spend some time tweaking my Calibre settings and, thanks to a few helpful forum-members, I succeeded in showing title, author, series en series-index-number with every book.
No matter how/from where I look at a book on my device ('All books', or by collections, no matter how the list is sorted), now I always have all the information in one quick look. Very handy to know which book is the next to read in a series!

You'll have to modify some settings in Calibre (via Preferences) to get this to work. Everytime you then hook up your device to your computer, Calibre will automaticaly update your device. Works like a charm; even with books/collections allready on your device!
If you want, I can provide my settings/instructions. Give me some time though; I'll need to translate my notes into English...

Thanks to Jackie_w and dwanthny for their help, here an attachment with the needed settings in Calibre.
Please let me know if/when the attachment doesn't work.

Good luck!
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