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Originally Posted by Care View Post
Great. So I rooted again. Everything was fine. I was trying to download the keyboard I like and realized a lot of the market apps weren't showing so I followed the directions in the thread posted in the second post (the actual manual nooter thread that had a fix for the market). After my NC said to restart so I did and ever since it won't get past the nook co (doesn't even finish the color, just co). I turned it off and plugged it into the wall thinking maybe the battery was too low. That was 45 mins ago. It is still doing the same thing when I reboot.

Am I going to have to reset it?
That exact same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I scrapped the rooting and went back to stock NC 1.3. I just don't have the time for nonsense.

Hopefully, at some point, B&N will realize that 178 apps do not make a marketplace. Until then, I guess I'm stuck with stock.
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