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SD card problem with KT

I hope this is a software problem that can be resolved. I do not want to go fishing for different types of SD cards to try and find something that will work.

1) "PNY 2GB Class 4" MicroSD. I got three of these cards from

When I got these cards they were formatted FAT16. I wonder if re-formatting to FAT32 will make any difference.

2) All epub side loaded and kepub loaded through Kobo book store as long as the SD card is inserted in the card slot. When there is no SD card the KT works beautifully.

3) I manage books on to the KT from the Kobo book store and epubs side loaded from Calibre.

4) I have two KT units both on 1.9.12 firmware. I only got the SD cards last week, so I can not comment about what happened in the earlier firmware. The problem was there for me in 1.9.11 and 1.9.12. I am planning to attempt a downgrade on on of the units to 1.9.10 to check.

5) When I read and turn the pages of any epub/kepub on either internal memory or on the SD card, I get booted off the book to the home screen. I noticed it requires a delay (~ 1 min per page turn) between page turns in-order for this problem to occur. If I manage to turn pages rapidly the problem does not seem to occur but it is not useful for reading.


I dug up a two year old cell phone which contained a Sandisk 2GB MicroSD card. I formatted it (FAT16) and tried it in KT (firmware 1.9.12). I used it to read a couple of chapters on a few books both on the KT internal memory and books on the SD card and they both worked well with no page turn returning to home screen issues.

So, it seems the SD card problem is particular to my week old PNY cards. I got 3 of them last week and I did not expect to have to hunt for compatible SD cards.

For further testing I downgraded firmware to 1.9.10.
** As many have stated others in these forums before, both PNY and Sandisk SD cards work well on 1.9.10 firmware. So, I am certain the incompatibility with the PNY SD cards were introduced after 1.9.10.

Anyone know a way to continue syncing the device to the Kobo book store with wifi and not update the firmware? It doesn't really seem to give you a choice when you sync with wifi.

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