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Post Incestuous (Suspense, Ebook)

Filia grew up without knowing who her father was with a promiscuous mother, Avia. They were wealthy but never quite happy. Filia resented her mother for never revealing who her biological father was even though Avia tried desperately to win her affection. Filia also has a deranged alter ego who she refers to as Fifi and surfaces whenever she is angry. Only Filia's best friend Jessica knows of her other side and being the most trusted and loyal person in her life, Jessica has no problem keeping the secret.

Filia goes through an unexpected tragedy as a teen when Avia dies in a car crash trying to get to her side. Although broken hearted at the loss of any family she had, Filia copes with the passing of her mother by going against her last dying wish; finding her father.

After years of searching, Filia finally finds Horace, her father. To her surprise she is strangely attracted to her father and he to her. They begin a secret, sexual relationship behind Alex's, Filia's caring and adoring boyfriend's, back. Alex feels a distance between him and Filia but tries even harder to win her heart. Meanwhile, Jessica is preparing for her wedding with Filia as the Maid of Honor.

Filia journeys on a dangerous path when her incestuous affair leads to lies, loss of friendships and even murder. Fifi makes life worse by adding unrestricted rage to the already stressed situation. What will Filia do when she finally snaps?

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